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Your vehicle is a rolling rust magnet. The most commonly damaged area of passenger vehicles is in a location where most drivers would never even think to check: the underbody.

During a yearly Safety Inspection, your mechanic checks the components you surely have kept a close eye on: the transmission, the engine, the brakes, the wheels, the tires, etc. One four-letter word you will never want to hear during your inspection, And while all of these components are important, there is no issue more likely to take your vehicle off of public roads than this simple, four letter word: RUST

The underbody of your vehicle is subject to some of the harshest elements found on today's roads. Broken asphalt and gravel are constantly chipping away at the integrity of your vehicle's steel frame. Various forms of road salts (magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride) and brine are constantly eating away at the unprotected metal underneath your vehicle.

But, the single biggest adversary your vehicle's underbody has is simply:

These elements are the two basic ingredients for rust formation - in other words, you can't avoid it. With that said, rust formation on the underbody of your vehicle may be prevented or at the very least, significantly slowed, if it is treated with a proper undercoating product.

Is Your Vehicle Losing Value?

According to, the value of your vehicle can increase by 10% if it shows no visible signs of rust formation. Undercoating in a Can keeps rust covered and drastically slows down its formation: in other words, a $50 case of this product can save you thousands of dollars in both repairs and/or resale value. However, consumers have used similar products (commonly referred to as "rubberized coatings") to cover rust for decades, but the dried films simply aren't strong enough. They are little more than glorified spray paints.

In this example, we compared the value of a 2011 Ford F-150 Supercrew Cab (90,000 miles) at FAIR vs. EXCELLENT conditions:

  • FAIR: 73% of vehicles / has rust damage / $13,309 (private party)
  • EXCELLENT: 27% of vehicles / free of rust / $14,782 (private party)

Undercoating In A Can
The Only Coat You'll Need This Winter

A new standard has finally been set. Undercoating in a Can is a brand founded on the simple idea that ease-of-application should never mean second-rate performance.

The product engineers of Undercoating in a Can were fed up with aerosol-based, rubberized undercoatings that simply couldn't make the grade: that is, industrial-grade. This same solvent-based wax has been applied on everything from United States Navy submarines to fleets of some of the top-100 trucking companies in the nation - only difference is that the proven-performance has been packed in a convenient, 12 Oz. aerosol can.

The key to Undercoating in a Can's increased performance is its wax-based formulation - this super-adhesive formula seals off oxygen and allows moisture to evaporate through the sprayed film during the curing process, preventing rust formation and greatly extending the service life of your vehicle.

The industry standard is at your fingertips - don't let rust interfere with your investment.

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