VP MR Pro6 HT Reg Cross Reference

VP MR Pro6 HT Reg is manufactured by VP Racing Fuels. In this cross reference tool, PSC offers Racing fuels that have similar performance levels.

VP MR Pro6 HT Reg has the following reported performance levels:

Unleaded          Oxygenated: Yes         Specific Gravity: 0.7245

Octane (RON+MON/2): 94.4  Research Octane Number (RON): 102.6   Motor Octane Number (MON): 86.2

See below for the equivalent products and select the 'View Manufacturer Info & Data Sheets' tab for safety data sheets, as well as product data sheets to compare specifications, approvals, properties, and performance characteristics.

PSC offers the following racing fuels below that most closely resemble these performance levels        

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