Wind Turbine Lubricants

Wind turbines come in a variety of sizes and generate electrical energy via a gearbox and an attached generator. As the size of these machines increase, so do the workloads of the gearbox which may result in much higher operating temperatures, pressures, etc. As such, the need for a quality Wind Turbine Lubricant grows contiguously.

Synthetic, extreme-pressure (EP) Wind Turbine Lubricants are typically the go-to choice for this task - these fluids have an extremely high load-carrying capacity and are resistant to micropitting and oxidation under high temperatures.

The workload of these machines is very high, often turning a very large blade up to twenty times per minute and regularly maintaining this rate year-round. Considering the oil change rate is upwards of several months to a year, these machines require outstanding lubrication with precise additives to prevent wear and system failure.

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