AeroShell Oil 80

AeroShell Oil 80

0.00 LBS

Aeroshell Oil 80 is a straight mineral oil used primarily during break-in of most four-stoke cycle certificated aviation piston engines. This unique oil is blended from selected high viscosity index base stocks and contain pour point depressants for improved fluidity at cold temperatures. 

Aeroshell Oil 80 has the following benefits: 

  • Contain a pour point depressant for improved fluidity at cold temperatures 
  • Compatible with most other aviation oils 
  • Available in a full range of viscosity grades to meet your requirements 
  • Approved for use in meat and poultry processing plants where there is no possible contact between lubricant and edible product 


  • Four-stroke cycle certificated aircraft reciprocating piston engines when use of an ashless dispersant (AD) oil is not required 
  • Used for break-in of most certificated four-stroke cycle aviation piston engines. The duration and lubrication for break-in vary, so aircraft owners should refer to the original engine manufacturer and/or overhaul facility for specific recommendations 
  • antique aircraft, which operate with very low oil temperatures or in aircraft that, have previously been run exclusively on mineral oil for an extend period of time 

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