AGMA 8A S | ISO VG 1000 | Gear Lube | Synthetic

Gear lubricants refined from Synthetic base stocks are designed to provide enhanced performance characteristics without containing the sometimes harsh and Sulphur-heavy composition of EP gear lubes (extreme pressure gear lubricants). Though these oils do not contain EP additives, they may often be used in gearboxes exposed to heavy loads and extreme pressures due to the increased performance characteristics of synthetic base stocks. Combining this with the extra additive package that delivers increased protection and lubricant life, these oils are some of the best options for the lubrication of gear sets in industrial machinery.

ISO VG 1000 oils have a midpoint kinematic viscosity of 1000 cSt. This number is derived from the minimum and maximum viscosities, measured in the AGMA testing method, which are 900 mPa.S and 1100 mPa.S, respectively. Check with OEM specifications to determine if these oils will fit your application.

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