All Purpose

All-Purpose Greases provide sufficient lubrication and protection to a variety of industrial machining components but may be used in virtually any application requiring lubrication and protection where there is metal-to-metal contact.*

As the knowledge surrounding machine design continually increases, so too do the requirements of industrial greases. Operating parameters vary greatly depending upon the make, model, and application of industrial equipment and, as such, finding a lubricating grease that is suitable for all applications is somewhat difficult. With that said, PSC offers a selection of All-Purpose Greases that satisfy the requirements of an extensive list of industrial and everyday tasks, oriented for both lubrication and sealant applications.

All-Purpose also consider Multi-Purpose Greases combine the performance qualities of several types of specialized greases which enables them to be used in more than one application. Maintaining excellent shear stability under high temperatures, these greases are formulated to stay in place as temperatures increase. All-Purpose Greases may also contain extreme-pressure (EP) additives to ensure their stability in high-pressure, high-temperature applications.

Whether you are lubricating heavy-duty machine components or require the unique properties of Greases for a variety of commonplace tasks in an industrial setting or vehicular application, PSC offers an All-Purpose Grease suitable to your applications.

*Check with OEM recommendations and specifications to determine which type of Grease will work best per your application.

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