Shell Gadus S3 V220C 2 Grease

Shell Gadus S3 V220C 2 Grease
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Shell Gadus S3 V220C NLGI 2 Grease 

Shell Gadus S3 V220C 2 Grease is a lithium complex soap thickened grease made with a highly refined, high viscosity index mineral base oil. It is formulated with latest additives to offer high temperature oxidation resistance and enhanced anti-wear and corrosion properties. This grease is especially suited for bearings operating at high temperatures and under heavy loads. 

Shell Gadus S3 V220C Grease NLGI #2 is red in color, tacky and contains and ISO VG 220 base oil. 

*Shell Gadus S3 V220C Grease was formerly known as Shell Retinax LX. 

Performance Characteristics 

  • Enhanced Extreme Pressure properties 
  • Good Water Resistance
  • Long-life at High Temperatures 
  • Red and Tacky 
  • Lithium Complex Thickener 
  • NLGI 2 

Approvals & Specifications 

Approved NLGI GC-LB for the lubrication of wheel bearings and chassis parts

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