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The Problem with Produce Stickers

If you're aiming for a balanced diet, your trip to the grocery store probably involves a stop by the produce section. There's nothing quite like picking up some fresh fruit and veg. Avocado? An Eggplant? Some apples? How about some bananas? Beyond the good for you label, these fruit and vegetables have something else in [...]

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The Incredible Potential of Graphene

Graphene is a material of many wonders. It offers an array of useful and diverse properties and can be used in various ways depending on its build. The material powered the pencil business since 1656, but scientists paid more attention to it in recent years. In addition to its popularity in pencils, high-end flexible electronics [...]

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How the V-8 Engine Sound is Made

Everyone's heard it the sweet sound of a V-8 engine powering a beautiful and intricately designed car. The alluring engine is loved by nearly every car enthusiast and has a distinctive sound.Each car brand offering vehicles with V-8 engines has a trademark type of sound, but how is the unique sound made?A Balancing ActVehicle [...]

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Nanotechnology: Tooth Sensor Tracks What You Eat

Health and wellness are at the forefront of many of our minds, day in and day out. A new form of nanotechnology might just be the way we monitor our food intake.The Beginning of Nanotechnology We've touched on nanotechnology briefly before, but we're going to take a little deeper of a look at it today. As [...]

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The Roads Well-Traveled: The History of America's Transportation Infrastructure

The timeline of road history is a long and winding one.Sometimes, the most important technologies are the ones you don't think about. Or, you only think about them when you're cursing them for not working properly. Parachute into World War II with your slow, outdated smartphone and you'll get a totally different reaction than you [...]

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Petroleum Product of the Week: Deodorant

Humans may be the only mammals with a written language, but we're certainly not the only ones who sweat. Animals who are mammals have sweat glands, it's just that some have more than others. Most, like dogs and cats, have a small number, which is why they need to regulate their body heat through other [...]

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Sealing Oil Well Leaks with Artificial Magma

There are thousands of inactive oil wells across North America and throughout the world. Several wells were disabled in order to meet environmental standards or to focus on wells with more oil shifting a job to a new, replenished oil and gas well.Alberta, Canada houses between 80,000 and 100,000 inactive wells. There are around 8,200 [...]

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During WWII, Queen Elizabeth II Was a Truck Mechanic

My recent binging of the Netflix original series, The Crown, has led to a fascination with the royal family's history. In my research, I came across the fact that Queen Elizabeth II served as a mechanic during WWII.The Women of WWII Women took on many roles during WWII that were typically filled by men while those [...]

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Could Desert Sand be Used to Make Concrete?

As the most widely used building material in the world, concrete relies on sand to make it strong and durable in its countless applications. Its versatility appears in many forms of construction such as building columns and decks to residential driveways, home foundations, walls, and other additional forms of paving. The combination of sand, water, and [...]

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It's Time to Spring Clean Your Car

I'm not sure about you, but something I need to make time to do this year is to take a look at the underside of my car. We don't really see this part of the car, so the effects of winter on it remain unseen to many. Here's what you can do to give your car [...]

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