Fuel Treatment: The Key To Protecting Your Engine From Ethanol Damage

Fuel Treatment: The Key To Protecting Your Engine From Ethanol Damage

By on May 03 2013

As with most motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, lawnmowers, snow blowers, and weed whackers, we usually just check the fluid levels, fire up, and go. When finished, users then power down their machine, do a little cleaning or maintenance, and put their toy away until the next use. The majority of these small engine vehicles are used seasonally and have fuel sitting in the tanks for long periods of time. During these periods the fuel will begin to break down, but by using a fuel treatment like Startron, it will stabilize your gasoline for up to two years.

This is especially important for boaters preparing to return to the lake or ocean this summer season. During marine use the ethanol in the fuel itself is absorbing moisture from the air creating a highly corrosive condition within the fuel system. This results in poor performance from loss of power to catestrophic damage to your engine while on the water. Startron remedies this situation by dispering the water molecule in your fuel tank, which explains the products recommendation for use in gasolines with high levels of ethanol. In America gasoline has up to 10% ethanol.

Since using Startron in all of our small engine vehicles at A Petroleum Service " the improvement is tremendous. We highly recommend this product to anyone because It is worth the less than $10 a month as apposed to the hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road on engine work because of a dirty injector or fuel system; damage mainly due to the ethanol in the fuel supply.

Here is more information on Startron Fuel Treatment if you are interested.

Startron Fuel treatment uses a unique enzyme formula that improves performance, combustion efficiency, fuel economy, and reduces emissions of all engines. Starton cleans fuel delivery systems from tanks to injectors and combustion chambers, while also removing carbon deposits and preveting future deposits. Startron is ideal for E10 / E15 / E20+ ethanol-blended gasoline.

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