DISCONTINUED - ExxonMobil Elite 20W-50 Aviation Oil

By on Dec 21 2022

If you own an aircraft, you want to take care of it to the best of your ability. You might even avoid switching products once you've found something that works best for you. We get it—we all have our favorites. So when word gets around that a popular aviation piston engine oil is being discontinued, we understand your frustration.

We’ve had several customers reach out to us asking whether or not ExxonMobil Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 is discontinued. Well, it is true. ExxonMobil is no longer be producing Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 (as of February 2019). . 

We know that this news affects a lot of our customers, and we would never leave you hanging. We offer equivalent products that will keep you properly lubricated and flying high:

Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50

Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 is the multi-grade, ashless dispersant piston engine oil specially formulated and pre-blended with the anti-wear additive LW-16702 mandated by Lycoming Service Bulletins. This engine oil provides distinct performance improvements versus single-grade oils. This is a great alternative to the recently discontinued Exxon Elite.

Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 20W-50 

Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 20W-50 is formulated for year-round use in aircraft piston engines. It maintains its film strength under high loads and at high temperatures to protect against wear and piston scuffing. Phillips XC 20w50 was the first FAA-approved mineral oil-based, ashless dispersant, multi-viscosity aviation engine oil. We recommend this product for use in opposed piston engines. It can replace Commercial Grade 65, 80 or 100 single-grade engine oils with no sacrifice in performance. It is also recommended for use during break-in and then as the operational oil until TBO. This product is not pre-blended with anti-wear additive LW-16702.

AeroShell Oil W 15W-50

AeroShell W 15W-50 is a semi-synthetic oil that provides the ultimate aircraft piston engine protection over a wide range of ambient temperatures. This product is made from a unique blend of high-quality mineral oils and synthetic base stocks combined with anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives. Additionally, Aeroshell W 15w-50 contains the Lycoming LW 16702 anti-wear additive for Lycoming engines that need improved load carrying.

If you have any questions about making a switch to a different oil, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone, email, or chat. Additionally, you can find all product data sheets and performance specs on our website,

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