The Latest from PSC | Videos to Kick off the Year

The Latest from PSC | Videos to Kick off the Year

By on Feb 28 2018

We're just getting into 2018, and our video team has been working harder than ever to create some great content for you. Our goal is always to educate and entertain you while providing information on everything we have to offer in our online store (and beyond).

So, without further ado, here's what our video team has done in just the first two months of 2018!

Undercoating A Custom Ford F-350 | Undercoating in a Can

Our video team took Undercoating in a Can to the upfit of a Ford F-350. This video highlights how Undercoating in a Can will help you during your upfit project. Plus, learn all about what upfitting is from David and John and see if it's something you want to add to your vehicle!

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What Is dexos1? | GM Oil Specification

Here, the difference lies in the oil testing. In 2011, GM introduced their own stand-alone specification, —dexos, " to meet the stringent requirements for their engines. A GF-5 approved oil undergoes a specific —kind of testing to ensure the highest quality oils for GM engines.

Joe & John discuss that testing, from low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) to the other various tests done to improve engine performance, in this video. dexos1 oils are now in the gen 2 phase.

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Read more: What is dexos1 oil? |

RV Undercoating Guide | Undercoating in a Can

Did you ever take a look underneath your RV? Well, we looked under Jim's two-year-old RV and discovered some surprising rust and corrosion.

In this video, coatings expert David works with John and Jim to apply Undercoating in a Can to the RV (using nothing but our cans with included trigger handle). Learn all about the major spots to look for rust formation and why you might be seeing rust form in some locations faster than others underneath your RV.

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Non-Detergent Engine Oils | Overview

John and Joe discuss non-detergent engine oils and explain what they are used for. You may be surprised, plus you'll learn a little history behind the oil.

Be sure to check out the video content that we create in-house: YouTube — Petroleum Service Company

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