Mobil SHC 600 Series Price Increases - Find Equivalents

Mobil SHC 600 Series Price Increases - Find Equivalents

By on Jun 08 2023

The Mobil SHC 600 Series are one of the leading lines of synthetic rust and oxidation oils available with an incredible reputation for quality.

However, significant price increases combined with supply shortages have customers looking to alternatives like the BlueSky Cirrus line of synthetic oils. These lesser-known brands are becoming more appealing to those looking for equivalents with similar quality of performance along with attractive pricing and less supply issues.

Manufactured by Klüber Lubrication, an internationally recognized synthetic oil and grease manufacturer, BlueSky Cirrus lubricants are a compatible alternative to Mobil’s line of SHC 600 Series lubricants. BlueSky Cirrus Lubricants provide the same outstanding performance that you expect, at a price that is considerably less.

BlueSky Cirrus Synthetics are gear and bearing lubricants that are fortified with rust and oxidation inhibiting additives. They are compatible with virtually all seal materials, plastics, and paints. Furthermore, these lubricants are recommended for use in applications where the corrosion of yellow metals (bronze, brass, copper) is a concern as they do not contain additives deemed harsh for these metals.

See the chart below to cross reference the corresponding products. Links are provided to take you to the product page, with additional information such as Product Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.

You can easily save up to 40% by switching today to BlueSky, the Premium Alternative to Big Oil.

Mobil Product BlueSky Equivalent ISO VG Weight
Mobil SHC 624
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 32
  • Pail - Save up to 34%
  • Drum - Save up to 40%
Mobil SHC 625
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 46
  • Pail - Save up to 30%
  • Drum - Save up to 36%
Mobil SHC 626
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 68
  • Pail - Save up to 31%
  • Drum - Save up to 36%
Mobil SHC 627
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100
  • Pail - Save up to 32%
  • Drum - Save up to 35%
ISO VG 100
Mobil SHC 629
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 150
  • Pail - Save up to 28%
  • Drum - Save up to 32%
ISO VG 150
Mobil SHC 630
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 220
  • Pail - Save up to 29%
  • Drum - Save up to 35%
ISO VG 220
Mobil SHC 632
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 320
  • Pail - Save up to 26%
  • Drum - Save up to 31%
ISO VG 320
Mobil SHC 634
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 460
  • Pail - Save up to 25%
  • Drum - Save up to 29%
ISO VG 460
Mobil SHC 636
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 680
  • Pail - Save up to 23%
  • Drum - Save up to 27%
ISO VG 680
Mobil SHC 639
BlueSky Cirrus Syn 1000
  • Drum - Save up to 27%
ISO VG 1000

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