Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oils Explained

Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oils Explained

By on Sep 20 2020

With Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oils, also known as Synthetic Blend Engine Oils, the name really says it all. Sometimes, it's hard to find the balance between something that's top-quality and something that won't break the bank. Well, we have your solution: —Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oils.

If you're wondering what makes this blend different from Full-Synthetic, or any other motor oil, read on!

With Semi-Synthetic —Engine Oils, You're Getting the Best of Both Worlds

We put a lot of money and time into our cars, and the last thing we want to do is compromise the quality of the oil we buy, right? Your baby deserves the best! With this engine oil, you're getting both the qualities and properties of a full synthetic oil, while getting the value of mineral base oil. This engine oil provides thermal stability, protects the internal components of your engine, and reduces the formation of rust and deposits, all while allowing you to extend your drain intervals (*cough cough* save you money).

One major full synthetic property you're getting here is the lubricity property, which means your engine won't have to work as hard, so your car gets more miles-per-gallon. The pour point of a semi-synthetic motor oil is also lower compared to other motor oils. What does this mean? Better performance in cold weather.

The blend here isn't a 50/50 ratio. It's actually proprietary and can be any mixed proportions. One thing is for certain though: then blend you're getting is always a mix of synthetic base stocks, which are crafted in a lab, and highly-refined base oils, which are derived from petroleum.

Using high-performative additive technology, these oils work to prevent engine part corrosion and the breakdown of oil. When blended with mineral-based oils, you're getting the best of both worlds: affordability and performance.

Brands we offer at Petroleum Service Company include Castrol, Kendall, Sunoco, and Phillips 66. No matter the brand you choose, the benefits of Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oils will be great for your vehicle! And, as always, be sure to consult your owner's manual before adding any lubricants.

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