VIDEO SERIES: How to Build a Sandblasting Machine

VIDEO SERIES: How to Build a Sandblasting Machine

By on Sep 10 2015

In the market for a sandblasting machine? Maybe you don't want to shell out a few thousand dollars up-front to purchase a pre-assembled one, or perhaps you enjoy taking the time to see how things work and want to build one for yourself. In any event, John and Joe from are going to show you, in a multi-video series, how to assemble a Clemco blast machine Model 1042.

The first video in this series will demonstrate how to install a pop-up valve and an inspection door -- two key parts that need to go on the sandblasting machine early in the build. Be sure to watch after the conclusion of the video for the outtake reel.

Video 1: How to Install a Pop-Up Valve and Inspection Door

Video 2: How to Install an Inlet Valve

Video 3: How to Install an Outlet Valve

Video 4: How to Install Blast Machine Hoses

Video 5: How to Install Optional Parts (Moisture Separator/Exhaust Muffler)

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