ComStar Ice Free De-Icer | 24/16 Oz. Cans

ComStar Ice Free De-Icer | 24/16 Oz. Cans
27.00 LBS

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ComStar Ice Free De-Icer in a case of 24/16 Ounce Cans

Ice Free is a Fuel Oil & Diesel De-Icer. Ice Free will dissolve the ice and wax in gelled fuel oil and diesel fuel. Use with each fill to prevent wax and ice crystals from forming. Ice Free is compatible with all types of fuel oils and diesel fuels. To prevent ice and wax, add 1 pint of Ice Free to 275 gallons of fuel oil or 50 gallons of diesel fuel. If fuel is already frozen or gelled, add 2 pints.

  • Eliminates ice, prevents ice build-up
  • Eliminates jellied fuel, prevents gelling
  • Keeps lines flowing
  • Emergency treatment


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