Mineral Extreme Pressure "EP" Gear Oils

This category lists mineral based (non-synthetic), extreme pressure gear lubricants that are most commonly used in industrial gear boxes. These types of gear oils contain Extreme Pressure (EP) additives that are required in some heavily loaded gear boxes. Be careful not to use this type of gear oil in applications that don't ask for Extreme Pressure additives.

Extreme Pressure (EP) additives in PSC's gear oils are used to protect gear teeth from surface damage commonly referred to as micropitting*. Micropitting, though barely visible, may be observed in high-pressure industrial gearboxes in which gear teeth are constantly stressed and are often subject to corrosion. Though the cosmetic blemishes seem minor, this damage may lead to systems failure.

Petroleum Service Company offers AGMA EP Gear Lubricants which help to prevent micropitting and are suitable to any application where the manufacturer specifies an AGMA EP gear oil.

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*NOTE: EP additives are commonly composed of the chemical compound sulfur-phosphorous, which is potentially damaging to yellow materials.

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