Gear Lubricants

Industrial Gear Lubricants are required for seamless operation of heavy duty, industrial gearboxes and are not to be confused with automotive gear lubricants.

Industrial gear-driven machines are often operating in high-pressure and high-heat environments and are frequently exposed to contaminants including dirt and water. Gear Oils are needed to keep these machines running smoothly in spite of the abrasive atmosphere and exposure to impurities. With the right selection of oil additives -- these fluids can greatly extend systems life and increase performance.

The biggest difference between an industrial-type gear lubricant and any other -- besides the thickness (Viscosity) of the oil -- is their additive make-up. A lot of the additives that provide the ultimate protection in extreme pressure gear boxes may also adversely affect the gear teeth (depending on their metal composition.) It is crucial for your gearbox to select the proper gear lube based on its base oil and additive requirements. Explore PSC's categories of Gear Oils to help better determine the correct gear lube for your application.

For more information, check out our post on Understanding Industrial Gear Lubricants over at our blog. 

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