Extreme Pressure (EP)

Greases with Extreme-Pressure (EP) additives are ultra-high-performance greases formulated to lubricate, protect, and act as a sealant on machine components or, in general, heavy-duty applications that specify the need for an Extreme-Pressure semisolid lubricant.

Greases without EP additives struggle or fail to stand up to heavy-duty tasks including the lubrication of highly-loaded bearings and other industrial and/or heavy-duty tasks. Extreme-Pressure additives provide first-rate protection to machine components and vehicles operating under extreme service conditions -- these additives allow for increased resistance to rust and oxidation as well as vastly improved shear stability (when compared with non-EP greases).

Extreme-Pressure Greases generally outperform basic greases in all areas, though some are more suited to specific applications such as high load, moisture-heavy, or high speed machine operations. To determine which Extreme-Pressure Grease is ideal for your application, refer to OEM specifications and the Product Data Sheets listed on each individual item page (click the Additional Information tab).

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