Chevron Starplex EP 2 Grease

Chevron Starplex EP 2 Grease

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Chevron Starplex EP NLGI 2 Lithium Complex Tacky Red Grease 

(Formerly Delo Starplex)

Chevron Delo Starplex EP greases are water resistant, extreme pressure, heavy duty chassis and wheel bearing greases.  Delo Starplex EP greases are manufactured using highly refined, select high viscosity index base oils, and a lithium complex soap. This being an NLGI 2 grade grease makes it suitable for use in normal ambient temperature environments. 


  • Protect bearings and metal surfaces from corrosion when exposed to wet conditions and moisture.
  • Resist water, strongly resisting being washed out of bearings.
  • Retain consistency under a wider range of conditions and scenarios.
  • Provide incredible film strength and adhesion, with low wear in shock load service.
  • High viscosity index allows it to operate effectively over a wide temperature range, perfect for outdoor conditions.


  • Lubrication of ball joints, universal joints, chassis points, wheel bearings, water pumps, and fifth wheels in trucks, tractors, and passenger cars. 
  • Boat trailer wheel bearings 
  • High temperature disc brake bearing applications 
  • Delo Starplex EP greases are approved for the NLGI Certification Mark GC-LB. 


  • Water Resistance: Good resistance to wash-out of bearings.
  • Rust & Corrosion Protection: Even in wet conditions.
  • Extreme Pressure Protection
  • Shock Loading Protection: Promoting longer bearing life.
  • Film Strength: Outstanding strength and adhesive properties. 
  • Low Temperature Pumpability: Easy handling in the container and grease dispensing equipment.

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    Just what we needed

    Posted by Daniel on Oct 21 2020

    great heavy duty nlgi 2 grease

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