Fuel Testing Equipment & Supplies

On this page below, Petroleum Service Company offers products to help determine if your fuel has become contaminated. Contamination in fuel could be Water, Debris, Bacteria, Fungus and/or other Microbial growth. If you are questioning whether your fuel had gone bad, stop the guessing game by performing a simple to use on-site fuel test. Petroleum Service Company wants to provide you with the correct Fuels Additives in order to properly correct you fuel contamination issues. The first step is to properly determine the fuel issue before recommending a product to correct the issue. For example, if you determine that you just have large amounts of water in your fuel, we have fuel treatments from K-100 that do and outstanding job absorbing water in fuel. Additionally, if you determine that you have algae and Fungus growing in your tank we have fuel biocides from Power Service that can make your fuel like new again. Let us help you to correct you fuel issues and save you a lot of money in the process.

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