Liqui-Cult Fuel Test Kit

Liqui-Cult Microbial Test Kits are used to detect microbial and fungal growth in fuels such as diesel, gasoline and home heating oil. This test is an inexpensive way to determine if your fuel has any issues that could lead to some very expensive services and down time. The Liqui-Cult Test is easy to perform and quickly provides results within 30-72 hours.

Microbial and Fungal growth in fuel is a bigger issue now than it has ever been due to the addition of renewable fuel sources that are added to modern fuel. This bacterial growth can wreak havoc on a fuel system causing fuel filter clogging, a decreases fuel flow and poor performance. Before you suffer from the compounding effects of microbial growth, take advantage of this simple Liqui-Cult Test Kit. This is especially important for anyone storing fuels for over 3 months. 

If you do identify microbial and fungal growth in your fuel system, Power Service Bio Kleen is a great additive to take care of the issue.

If your stored fuel has tested good and you want to make sure no microbial growth can occur, use Power Service Clear Diesel


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