Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Full-Synthetic Diesel Engine Oils are lab-engineered to provide ultimate performance in the most critical and demanding situations: these oils are designed to extend engine life by minimizing wear and improve fuel economy while extending engine oil drain intervals.

Synthetic Diesel Engine Oils are permitted for use in on and off-highway diesel equipment, diesel trucks, mixed fleets, and construction equipment. These oils boast high shear stability and resistance to foaming and resist thermal breakdown at high temperatures. Compatible with most seal materials, these synthetic lubricants contribute to longer gasket and seal life and greatly extend service intervals.

These diesel engine oils are formulated with high film strengths to prevent oil breakdown and have excellent shear stability so they stay in place in the presence of high temperatures. The performance characteristics of Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil exceed the capabilities of mineral-based oil and provide optimum protection against wear and maintain increased thermal stability in high and low temperature environments.

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