Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel engines requiring Heavy-Duty Oils are often employed in construction equipment and on-road transport, off-road mining, and agricultural vehicles. Other lighter-duty, large vehicles and machines running on diesel engines may also benefit from these lubricants.

Considering that Diesel fuel provides increased energy per gallon compared to gasoline, engines engaged in constant or frequent operation are commonly built to burn this unique fuel. Though the initial cost is high, diesel engines provide extended service intervals, better gas mileage and/or reduced power consumption, and last longer. As such, Heavy-Duty Engine Oils are formulated to meet the high-demands of these high-performance machines, regardless of application.

Heavy-Duty Motor Oils are highly-specific lubricants formulated to live up to the extreme environments in which they operate - these oils must also coincide with geographic-specific exhaust emission standards and therefore require very specific base fluids and additive packages.

Heavy-Duty Engine Oils must provide a high-resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown, protect against wear and oxidation, and minimalize the formation of sludge, deposits, and foaming. Considering these products are highly specific, it is important to make sure which Heavy-Duty Engine Oil will work best for your application.

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