Full Synthetic Gear Lubricants

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Gear Lubricants are intended for use in drivetrains and truck axles with varying types of gear sets operating in extreme temperatures and/or conditions. They are also required by major OEM's to meet extended drain interval requirements.

Thermal stability and the improvement of fuel economy and performance are major concerns when considering the implementation of a gear lubricant in heavy-duty vehicles - fully synthetic gear lubricants far exceed the performance characteristics of mineral-based oils and better contribute to fuel economy, making them the ideal lubricant for gearboxes operating in severe-service conditions.

Gear sets in heavy-duty vehicles are subject to intense wear and temperatures, often requiring lubes with exceptionally high film strengths and improved thermal stability. Mineral oil-based gear lubricants are highly refined and do boost the lubricating properties of oil but are outperformed by lubricants lab-engineered at a molecular level. Look no further than a Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant if your intention is to improve performance, extend gearbox and lubricant life, and increase your fuel economy in your heavy duty vehicle.

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