Sunoco Duragear FE 75W-90 Gear Oil

Sunoco Duragear FE 75W-90 Gear Oil
Sunoco Lubricants

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Sunoco Duragear FE SAE 75w-90 Synthetic Fuel Efficient Gear Oil

SUNOCO DURAGEAR FE 75w-90 SYNTHETIC GEAR OIL is Eaton Approved full synthetic, premium quality, and commercial drive-train lubricants designed to meet the rigorous demands of extended drain warranty requirements. 


SUNOCO DURAGEAR FE APPROVED SYNTHETIC GEAR OILS provide outstanding performance in heavy duty drive-trains where extreme pressure and shock loading are common. 


SUNOCO DURAGEAR FE APPROVED SYNTHETIC GEAR OILS are formulated for extreme cleanliness and superior thermal stability under severe conditions, these oils also offer enhanced friction reduction properties and exceptional shear stability that can translate into increased fuel economy in some applications.

  • API GL-5, API MT-1,
  • Eaton Roadranger,
  • Dana Corporation SHAES 429,
  • Mack GO-J plus, Mack GO-J,
  • ArvinMeritor O-76-B, 0-80,
  • International TMS-6816,
  • SAE J2360,
  • MIL-PRF-2105E,

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