Grade 120 | SAE 60

Lubricants employed in aircraft engines have exclusive grading systems. Aviation Grade 120 oils - or SAE 60 oils - have a viscosity of 24.8 cSt @ 100°C.

SAE refers to the Society of Automotive Engineers. The SAE label does not mean these engine oils are fit for automotive engines; instead, the viscosity of these oils is measured by the SAE standard testing mechanism. The oils offered below may be either single-grade or multi-grade - the multigrade varieties, though not technically Grade 120, SAE 60 oils at room temperature, will achieve the same viscosity as Grade 120, SAE 60 oils when reaching common operating temperatures. Additionally, both the single-grade and multi-grade oils may be used as either a break-in oil or as a lubricant for normal operation.

Please refer to Product Data Sheets and descriptions on the individual item pages to determine which oils are intended for break-in vs. normal operation.


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