Straight 120 Grade Ashless for Normal Use

Aircraft engines calling for a single-grade, ashless engine oil for normal operation may require Aviation Grade 120 oils, or SAE 60 oils - generally speaking, these weights of oils are intended for use in radial piston aircraft engines that require an SAE 60 or Commercial Grade 120 engine oil.

PSC offers Phillips 66 Type A Aviation Oil 120AD which is formulated from premium mineral base stocks and is designed to protect against wear and contribute to a cleaner engine. This aircraft engine oil also meets or exceeds the following requirements:

SAE Standard J1899, U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-22851D (obsolete) for additive treatment, Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletin No. 1183 Rev. U, Avco Lycoming Material Specification No. 301G, Teledyne Continental Material Specification MHS-24B.

QPL Approval Numbers: D07L1-60 (Type A 120AD).

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