Heavy Duty Gear Lubes

Large commercial and transportation vehicles often function at high pressures and operating temperatures for lengthy periods and as such are subject to increased wear and thermal stress in gearboxes. These gearboxes hold and distribute lubricating oils and require specific lubricant formulations with special additives to prevent oil breakdown.

Heavy Duty Gear Lubes are intended for use in heavy-duty drivetrains and truck axles with varying types of gear sets operating in extreme temperatures or conditions. These lubes are intended to extend the life of the component in which it is housed as well as lengthen the time between lubricant changes. Considering the high demands of heavy duty vehicles, full-synthetic formulations are the standard to provide enhanced oxidation resistance and thermal stability.

Employing the best quality Gear Lubes in heavy-duty vehicles improves fuel economy, performance, and the overall cleanliness of the gear mechanism. Premium quality Heavy Duty Gear Lubes are formulated with select base oils to withstand both high and low operating temperatures may contain EP additives for added resistance to wear.

For better fuel economy and increased performance, choose from PSC's selection of the finest quality Heavy Duty Gear lubes for use in large trucks, busses, vans, and off-road equipment. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-855-899-7467.

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