Transmission / Final Drive Fluid

As far as lubrication is concerned, every oil-powered vehicle is comprised of many components but may be separated into two broad classifications: that is, a power source and the drive components.

Put simply, the power source is the engine and the drive components are virtually everything else in the vehicle including the transmission, brakes, and other engine elements that transmit said power to your wheels (which, in turn, transmit you to your desired destination). Also referred to as the differential of a vehicle, this critical collection of moving components absolutely must be kept well-lubricated otherwise breakdown is imminent.

The lubricating agent referred to as Final Drive Fluid or Rear Differential Fluid is the medium by which this differential is kept from grinding to a halt. This fluid keeps gears and wheels turning and your vehicle in an ideal operating state. These oils tend to crossover in their application and it may not always be clear which lubricant may work best for you - should you run into any issues while you shop, please give us a call at 1-855-899-7467.

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