Heavy Duty Hydraulic Fluids

When PSC refers to Heavy Duty Hydraulic Fluids in this category, we are referring to hydraulic fluids used mainly in Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment and Tractors. These pieces of equipment are deceptively complex in their administration of lubricants and power-converting oils. Generally speaking, these machines require carefully formulated oils to handle a multitude of tasks including lubrication of the transmission and wet brakes as well as transmitting power to the final drive of said vehicle.

Most tractors and off-road equipment consist of components that are powered by hydraulic systems. Though these oils may be capable of handling several tasks, each is formulated with the complex design of various construction and farming equipment in mind. As such, these oils are among the most ideal choices for lubrication of off-road equipment. High thermal stability, exceptional wear protection, and widespread compatibility are some of many qualities of these oils that contribute to their high performance standards.

Unlike certain industrial applications, some of these machines - often operating in geographical areas where an oil spill may cause increased distress on plant and animal life - require high-performance lubricants that also pose a minimal or no threat to the ecosystem. Amid our selection of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Fluids, you will find several biodegradable and plant-based options based on your application and needs. If you need help determining which oil may work best for your machine or vehicle, call us at 1-855-899-7467.

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