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Off-Road Equipment Hydraulic Oil

Off-Road Equipment Hydraulic Oils are designed for mobile equipment used in agricultural, construction and farming applications.

Due to the environments in which off-road equipment operate, these machines require very specific hydraulic fluids. Many of these hydraulic fluids are also used in other applications on a particular piece of equipment such as the transmission and wet-brakes.

Off-Road Equipment Hydraulic Fluids are particularly well-suited to these extreme hydraulic applications as well as meeting stringent requirements by Original Equipment Manufacturers such as John Deere JDM J20C and Caterpillar TO-4.

*NOTE: For best results, refer to your OEM's specifications and requirements. 

Select a Product Category Below
  • Sunoco Super C 10

  • Sunoco TH Fluid

  • Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp Off-Road Hydraulic Oil

  • Sunoco Sunvis 646+ Ashless Hydraulic Oil

  • Chevron Rando HD 32

  • Chevron Rando HD 46

  • Chevron Rando HD 68

  • Mobil Hydraulic 10W

  • Mobilfluid 424

  • Shell Tellus S2 MX 32

  • Shell Tellus S2 MX 46

  • Shell Tellus S2 MX 68

  • Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant

  • Phillips 66 T5X Off-Road Mobile Hydraulic Fluid

  • Phillips 66 PowerTrans

  • Phillips 66 Megaflow AW 32

  • Phillips 66 Megaflow AW 46

  • Phillips 66 Megaflow AW 68

  • Bluesky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 32

  • Bluesky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 46

  • Bluesky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 68

  • Coastal HD Fleet Engine Oil 10W