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I bet for most of you there is a tank that still has fuel in it from last winter. That fuel has built-up water and bacterial growth that will shut your heating system down, clogging both filters and injector nozzles. Additionally, if it is an outdoor tank, you can have icing and gelling issues that if not treated, can take hours if not days to rectify. PSC has the products below specifically made for treating Heating Oil issues.

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ComStar Super Heat

Add Super Heat to fuel oil on a regular basis to eliminate all problems associated with cold weather, combustion efficiency & carbon build-up. One pint treats 550 gallons...

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ComStar Sludge Solve

Sludge Solve is a chemical treatment for fuel oil that aggressively breaks down and liquefies sludge which has built-up throughout the entire operating system. Using Sludge Solve regularly will assure that...

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ComStar Ice Free

Ice Free will dissolve ice and wax in jellied fuel oil and diesel fuel. Use Ice Free with each fill to prevent wax and ice crystals from forming. Ice Free is compatible with all types of fuel oils and diesel fuels...

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ComStar Heating and Oil Treatments

Joe returns to the Red Brick Studio to fill you in on the different types of fuel oil treatment solutions available at PSC from ComStar.


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