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ComStar Super Heat

• Melts ice in outdoor heating oil tanks and plumbing

• Lowers pour point of heating oil so it doesn't gel

• Controls wax crystals from forming

• Eliminates water build-up in heating oil tanks and filters

• Dissolves sludge from heating oil tanks and lines

• Cleans strainers, filters, and nozzles

• Reduces soot by 50% in heating oil furnaces

• Eliminates bacteria growth in heating oil

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ComStar Ice Free De-Icer

• Eliminates ice, prevents ice build-up

• Eliminates jellied fuel, prevents gelling

• Keeps lines flowing

• Emergency treatment

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ComStar Sludge Solve

• Does not contain any acids, salts or metal

• Stabilize fuel

• Add to oil tank before delivery

• First time use may require double dose to clean dirty systems

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