Insulating Transformer Oil

Insulating Transformer Oils are highly refined mineral-based oils that are stable at high temperatures and exhibit outstanding electrical insulating properties. These oils are most commonly used in large transformers and other electrical apparatuses that may require electrical insulation and/or a cooling fluid.

Transformer Oil, or otherwise known as Insulating Oil, must maintain its high-performance characteristics when temperatures increase. These oils are subject to heavy mechanical and electrical stresses when in operation and are commonly exposed to contaminants due to chemical reactions occurring within the system - this requires close attention and monitoring when transporting the oil and filling the reservoir. However, once the oil is at work, it will prevent electrical breakdown and remain chemically stable for a number of years.

PSC's selection of Insulating Transformer Oils are developed for use in oil-immersed transformers, load tap chargers, capacitors, switches, circuit breakers and fuses, and several other applications. Check OEM specifications and product data sheets to determine which Insulating Transformer Oil will work best for your application.

*Transformer Oils must remain "Dry" meaning minimal to no moisture content. Moisture carries electrial current diminishing the insulating capabilities of the oil. PSC's drums are sealed from the factory with a nitrogen blanket for this reason. For best performance, use entirety of the product when opened.

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