ISO VG 220 | Rust & Oxidation Oil | Food Grade

Industrial and manufacturing machinery that deals with the handling of food products requires specific lubricants that provide needed lubrication but also do not pose a risk when minute amounts can come in contact with food. There are two NSF international certified types of food-grade bearing oils - H1, for use where there is potential for contact with food, and H2, where there is no contact with food. The oils listed here fulfill the qualifications of both varieties. These oils are excellent lubricants that resist rust formation and minimize debris and sludge formation while also being certified Kosher and Pareve.

ISO VG 220 oil has a midpoint kinematic viscosity of 220 mm2/s, also referred to as centistokes (cSt). The midpoint is derived by taking the average of both the minimum and maximum kinematic viscosities. In the case of ISO VG 220 oil, those numbers are 198 cSt and 242 cSt, respectively. SAE 50W oil has a minimum high-temperature kinematic viscosity of 16.3 mm2/s (cSt). AGMA 5 lubricants have a minimum viscosity of 198 mPa.s and a maximum viscosity of 242 mPa.s. These numbers refer to the standard testing mechanisms used to determine how much resistance to flow (i.e. viscosity) these oils demonstrate.

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