ISO VG 32 | Compressor Oil | Refridgeration

Refrigerant Compressor Oils are general-purpose, light-duty, petroleum-based solutions that are wax and moisture-free and are commonly used for lubricating refrigeration system compressors.
PSC's Refrigerant Compressor fluids satisfy the performance requirements of original equipment manufacturers that specify the need for a naphthenic mineral oil. Naphthenic base oil basically means that this oil has very little to no wax content which provides better low temperature flow capabilities.
Refrigerant Compressor Oils are applicable in a wide range of applications including refrigeration systems using ammonia or carbon dioxide as well as plain or rolling bearings.
Compressor oils with mineral bases that are deemed ISO VG 32 oils have a kinematic midpoint viscosity of 32 mm2/s (or cSt).

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