ISO VG 32 | Compressor Oil | Synthetic POE Base

Polyolester (POE) Compressor Oils are exclusive to other synthetic compressor oils in their ability to achieve compatibility with some mineral-based oils and other OEM-specified base fluids. Instead of requiring extensive draining times, POE oils may (in some applications) be blended with the existing lubricating oil. Synthetic Polyolester (POE) Compressor Oils are high-performance, lab-engineered lubes intended for use in rotary compressors. These oils are designed to outpace both petroleum-based and synthetic compressor lubricants.

POE-base oils employed in compressors are sometimes of the ISO VG 32 variety. The midpoint kinematic viscosity of POE ISO VG 32 compressor oil is 32 mm2/s (or cSt).

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