ISO VG 320 | Rust & Oxidation Oil | Food Grade

Gears and bearings in industrial machinery employed in food manufacturing plants require specific lubricants that are cleared for use in the case of potential contact with food or to be used in the general area wherein food or beverage products are manufactured. NSF international specifies that these gear and bearing oils are H1 (for use with possible food contact) and H2 (no possibility of food contact) lubricants. Certified Kosher and Pareve, food-grade bearing and gear oils from PSC are formulated to prevent wear while providing a safe environment for food machinery to operate in.

ISO VG 320 oils have a midpoint kinematic viscosity of 320 mm2/s (or Cst, centistokes). This number is equivalent to an average of the minimum and maximum viscosities derived from AGMA testing. In the case of an AGMA 6 oil, these numbers are 288 mPa.S and 352 mPa.S respectively. Though these numbers do roughly equate to the same thing, it is best to consult with OEM specifications before employing any new oil in a system or machine.

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