Itasca Outdoors Chain Saw Bar Lubricant | 6/1 Gallon Case

Itasca Outdoors Chain Saw Bar Lubricant | 6/1 Gallon Case
This product is now known under a different name, please visit SUPER BAR & CHAIN OIL | 3/1 GALLON CASE to purchase.

50.00 LBS

Itasca Chain Saw Bar Lubricant, 6/1 gallon case, is a premium oil designed especially for the lubrication of bar and chains on chain saws, and all types of link chains that require lubrication, including motorcycles and bicycles, as well as farm and industrial uses. This product is formulated with highly refined base stocks and an additive package to assure excellent performance as a chain saw bar and chain lubricant. A special tackifier is added to the oil, which promotes good adhesion to moving parts and minimizes oil throw off. It also has the following benefits:

  • Extends bar, chain and sprocket life
  • Reduced throw off
  • Reduces heat build-up
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Different viscosity weights for various ambient temperatures



This product is designed to prevent rusting and reduce wear and link breakage thus extending bar and chain life. Penetration into rivet holes and the bat channel is assured. Down-time and cutting interruptions are minimized.

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    3 Stars

    Posted by Oness on Sep 04 2017

    I fix and give maintenance to bicycles from a Bike Rent Company, they are about 3000 bikes, so I always need lubricants for the chain, I decided to try this product because is less expensive than the specifically for bike chains, it work but I need something that stays a little longer and keeps the chain as clean as possible. I'm going t try a Gear Oil SAE 80w-90 and see what happens.

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    PSC Service Co. service

    Posted by None on Oct 18 2016

    I purchased some Itasca chainsaw bar oil from PSC for the first time since I could no longer purchase it from Autozone and was very pleased with the fast service. In fact, they were the ONLY supply company I could find that would ship it & their price was very reasonable. Thank you!

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