Sunoco Bar & Chain Oil 40W

Sunoco Bar & Chain Oil 40W
Sunoco Lubricants

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Sunoco Bar & Chain Oil 40W


SUNOCO BAR & CHAIN OIL 40W is a premium lubricant formulated with a robust, anti-wear additive package that has been designed exclusively for use on commercial quality chainsaws.  This oil is made using the highest quality base stocks and contain a specialized wear modifier and tackifier agent that also prevent rust and corrosion and deliver outstanding performance in today's modern cutting equipment.


SUNOCO BAR & CHAIN OILS are exceptionally adhesive lubricants recommended for high speed chain saws where extreme pressure and temperatures exist.  They have been developed to lubricate the chain, bar guide, and drive sprocket on commercial chain saws performing at high levels, and can also be used on industrial chain drives, slides and ways.

Features & Benefits 

SUNOCO BAR & CHAIN OILS lubricate the chains and bars on all modern and vintage chainsaws. Their superior ability to cling tenaciously to surfaces reduces resin build up and heat generation for less oil sling off and cooler operation. Less oil loss and better lubrication equals increased productivity, greater tool protection and lifespan. SUNOCO BAR & CHAIN OILS prevent premature wear, are available in multiple viscosities for differing ambient weather, and keep chains, bars, and sprockets performing at their best


Use on all types of chain saws including those made by brands such as Craftsman, Echo, Stihl, Husqvarna, Mikita, Black & Decker, and many more. 

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