Super S Bar & Chain Oil

Super S Bar & Chain Oil
Super S

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Super S Bar & Chain Oil 40W High Speed Chainsaw Lubricant

Super S Bar & Chain Oilis formulated with virgin mineral oil and specific additives for today’s high speed chain saws. Contains added Tackifier and higher viscosity base oil for better performance under severe operating conditions.


Residential, commercial and industrial chain saws, Hand operated and automatic oilers, Adverse operating conditions of the forest products industry, Chains, bars, and sprockets.

Features & Benefits 

Formulated with high quality base oils and a balanced additive package, Higher base oil viscosity, Extra High Tac no sling additive helps keep chain lubricated, EP (extreme pressure) additives lubricate under heavy load and shock load conditions, Penetrates the chain: provides start up lubrication, Resists wear in service, Resists corrosion in storage.

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