K100 Fuel Treatment Removes Water From Fuel


Here at PSC, size doesn't matter! From large, in-ground storage containers to small fuel tanks on lawn equipment, none of them are safe from accruing moisture during the winter.

Having engine or equipment issues? Water in your fuel could be the problem.

Ethanol blended fuels actually draw in moisture from the air creating a condition called "Fuel Phase Separation." This is particularly an issue for fuel that has sat idle in tanks or equipment over the cold winter months. Don't let bad fuel ruin a good day, be prepared with K100 Fuel Treatment.

K100 Fuel Treatment burns water before it burns you

K100 Works with both Gas and Diesel, and is available in multiple size options.

How does K100 work?

K100 Fuel Treatments have a strong hydrophilic attraction to water. K100 seeks out water droplets inside of fuel tanks and permanently bonds itself to the water molecule. This process totally encapsulates the water with a burnable organic compound. As the engine runs, the encapsulated water is harmlessly burned with the fuel and releasing a beneficial cleansing steam. 

Benefits of K100: 

  • Eliminates free water for easier starting, smoother idle, more power, and better acceleration
  • Improves overall engine efficiency for more miles/gallon/hour
  • Reduces black smoke and emissions
  • Eliminates conditions necessary for microbe growth and microbe-clogged fuel filters
  • Prevents phase separation in E-10 (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline) fuel
  • Eliminates freeze-ups that block fuel lines and filters
  • Reduces paraffin formation in winter
  • Eliminates corrosion and formation of acids
  • Prevents injector tip failure
  • Steam cleans valves and injectors



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