Multi-Viscosity Grade Ashless for Normal Use

Multi-Viscosity Grade Ashless Engine Oils are premium quality lubricants for use in aircraft piston engines. These lubricants are similar to single-grade AD aviation oils but they contain a viscosity index (VI) improver additive which allows them to be more suited to quick startups in cold temperatures and more consistent operation in hot temperatures.

When compared with single grade oil, Multi-Viscosity Engine Oil is far thinner and more pourable at room temperature and as such are more applicable to engines operating in extreme cold or those which do not have access to a heated hangar or any other means of engaging in oil warm-up.

These oils respond better than their single-grade equivalents to high temperatures and are very resistant to oxidation and oil breakdown. Aircraft engines benefit (after break-in) from these premium, high-performance lubricants that are referred to as Ashless Dispersants (AD oils). As these oils clean and lubricate the various engine components, they do not leave behind any trace of ash or burnt metallic additives. If you need help determining which engine oil may be best for your aircraft, do not hesitate to call us at 1-855-899-7467.

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