Non-Detergent Oils

Modern day Non-Detergent Oils can go by many different names; Non-Detergent Engine Oils, Rust and Oxidation Oils, Mineral Oils, Turbine Oils, Multipurpose Oils... just to name a few. Put simply, these lubricating oils contain minimal to no metallic additives (Detergents). Detergents are used mainly in applications such as engines that involve combustible materials and/or machinery handling heavy loads or operating in areas of high wear. In other applications, Detergent Additives can adversely affect the machines lubrication because they do not readily separate from water and may not be compatible with some seal material.

Petroleum Service Company's Non-Detergent Oils are high performance, rust and oxidation inhibiting oils that don't have additional metallic detergent additives that are detrimental to certain pieces of machinery. Although they are primarily used in industrial machinery, they may be used for lawn mowers, pressure washers, various small engines, and certain gasoline engines operating under mild conditions, such as an antique automobile engine constructed without an oil filter.*

Remember, if an engine had previously been operating using a Non-Detergent Oil, switching to an oil with detergent additives may cause damage and engine failure.

*NOTE: Non-Detergent Motor Oil is not recommended for use in automotive gasoline engines built after 1963.

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