Open Gear Lubricants

Open Gear Lubricants are for the lubrication of gears that are not supported inside a housing. The gears are open to the environment which creates many challenges for the lubricant itself. 

Open gears are not in a closed system so the can't rely on splash lubrication from the gears being submerged in gear oil bath. So, the open gear lube must be very tenacious and not run of the gear after being applied.

Open gears are also exposed and not protected from the outside elements. Depending on where this gear is located, this includes things like rain, dirt & heat that are all detrimental to the life of the gear. The lubricant has to provide protection for all of these conditions. 

Finally, applying lubricants to open gears can be challenging because they are generally very thick lubes and sometimes come in solid blocks.

But most common open gear lubricants come in kegs, pails and caulking style tubes. They are applied through mechanical lubrication systems, caulking guns and even spackling knives. 

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