SAE 90Wt. | Gear Lube | GL-1 & GL-4 Mineral

The American Petroleum Institute issues designations for gear lubricants according to specific applications, oil weights, and lubricant quality.

90 W GL-1 lubricants are an active designation from the API. These fluids are often intended for use in manual transmissions that are only operating in mild conditions - in fact, pure petroleum oil should be able to run in these machines due to the simplistic nature of their lubrication. Many old machines benefit from the use of GL-1. Check with OEM specifications.

90W GL-4 lubricants are another active designation that are intended for the lubrication of axles with spiral, bevel gears which operate at moderate and severe speeds, loads, and temperatures. Also, these oils could be used in axles with hypoid gear sets and in applications where an MT-1 lubricant may not be suitable. Check with OEM specifications to determine which API-certified oil will fit your application best.

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