Semi-fluid Greases provide outstanding lubrication and cooling in specific applications including wheel bearings, fifth wheels, grease-filled hubs, and centralized systems.

Semi-fluid Greases are complementary to other types of greases that are commonly referred to as semisolids: these greases are excellent for applications where pumpability at a wide-range of temperatures may be a selling point. These greases combine the unique properties of refined base fluids and high-performance thickeners to help keep them in place.

Semi-Fluid Greases are formulated with a variety of additive technologies including Extreme-Pressure (EP) and antiwear additives and are designed to adhere well to metal surfaces while maintaining enough fluidity to provide very low starting and running torque.

The NLGI number system categorizes greases according to their hardness, from an NLGI No. 000 through No. 6, with an NLGI No. 2 being the most common.

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