Kendall Extended Bearing Life Grease 00

Kendall Extended Bearing Life Grease 00

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Kendall Extended Bearing Life NLGI 00 Green Polyurea Grease

Kendall Extended Bearing Life Grease is a NLGI 00 semifluid, extreme-pressure polyurea grease specially developed for the lubrication of wheel bearings on non-driven truck trailer axles equipped with oil seals. It is formulated to help optimize service intervals and reduce operating costs by providing effective lubrication and cooling of wheel bearings exposed to the prolonged high operating temperatures of over-the-road applications.

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Kendall Extended Bearing Life 00 Grease has the following benefits:

  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures
  • Excellent pumpability at low temperatures
  • Good load-carrying capacity
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Resists water washout
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Formulated for extended service life


  • Wheel bearings of non-driven trailer axles equipped with oil seals

*Note: EBL Grease is formulated to provide long service life, typically coinciding with scheduled brake service. However, we recommend that you refer to the “Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) Guidelines” published by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Association for relubrication practices. This document provides the following general guidelines for relubrication of wheel bearings in over-the-road trucks:

“A” PM – 60 days or 25,000 miles

“B” PM – 180 days or 50,000 miles

“C” PM – 360 days or 100,000 miles

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