Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oils

Semi-Synthetic or Synthetic Blend Passenger Car Engine Oils are a combination of premium synthetic base stocks and highly refined petroleum-based oils. Synthetic base stocks are crafted in a laboratory to deliver the highest-quality and most efficient performance characteristics to high-performance engine oils - blended with petroleum base stocks, these compounds harbor the many benefits of both synthetic oils and mineral-based oils.

These oils are manufactured with specific, high-performing additive technology to prevent oil breakdown and the corrosion of engine components. Their semi-synthetic bases provide exceptional thermal stability which allows for extended intervals between oil changes.

Semi-synthetic blends are created to provide the superior performance characteristics of fully-synthetic oils without the higher price tag. Mineral-based oils - though unquestionably adequate lubricants - generally don't demonstrate the extreme performance capabilities of synthetic oils: neither do they break the bank. Combining these two types of lubricant bases makes for an affordable, yet high-performance lubricant that is formulated to extend oil and engine life, protect internal components, and reduce the formation of rust and deposits.

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