Solvent Base

Petroleum Service Company inventories a wide variety of solvent base Tectyl protective coatings for general industrial short term corrosion protection. Tectyl coatings are formulated to protect ferrous and non-ferrous industrial parts and transportation components. 

Tectyl coatings protect fabricated, stamped and machined metal parts and components during the manufacturing process, domestic and international shipment and covered or indoor storage.

Tectyl 275 is an ultra light, water displacing transparent oil that has fingerprint suppressor, lubricant, penetrant and removal capabilities. Tectyl 275 is approved under Mil-C-15074E and is widely used in the aerospace industry.

Tectyl 283S-17HF is a water displacing, solvent cutback, non-staining oil based corrosion inhibitor that works as a lubricant and penetrant.

Tectyl 511M is a solvent cutback, water displacing corrosion preventive compound that deposits a light amber or translucent semi-firm oily film that is approved under Mil-C-16173E Grade 5, for Class I; Mil-C-23411A, Type II; and Mil-P-116J, Type 21.

Tectyl 848DHF is a water displacing soft wax/oil base corrosion preventive compound that deposits an extremely light, translucent coating where a high flash point is required.

Tectyl 894 Class I and Tectyl 894 Class II are water displacing amber semi-firm, dry film rust preventative that is approved under Mil-C16173E Grade 3 for Class I & II and Mil-P-116J, Type P-3.

Tectyl 400C is a solvent cutback amber firm film rust preventative that will protect industrial components and painted surfaces during domestic and international shipment. All of these products can be purchased in totes, drums, kegs, pails, quarts, and pints. Each corrosion preventative product has a detailed material safety and technical data sheet.

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